• 1.1 The period of residence is 10 months of the academic year, (1st February-30th November) which may be extended thereafter by mutual consent. The contract must be renewed each year. R240 per day will be charged for those wishing to arrive or depart out with these dates.
  • FEES
    • 2.1 Standard Room
      Registration Fee (Payable with Application) R       200
      Residence Fee for Standard R  70 400
      Refundable Room & Access Disk Deposit R       600
        R 71 200         

    • Larger Room
      Registration Fee (Payable with Application) R      200
      Residence Fee for Standard R 74 800
      Refundable Room & Access Disk Deposit R      600
      R 75 600       
    • 2.2 Fees must be paid into the following account:

      Standard Bank
      Thibault Square Cape Town
      Branch Code: 020909
      Account Number: 071 573 933
    • 2.3 Fees must be paid for the whole year even if a student leaves before the end of the year.
    • 2.4 A non-refundable deposit of 10% of the Annual Fees is to be paid on confirmation of acceptance.
    • 2.5 The Refundable Room & Access Disc Deposit is payable on handover of the keys and will be refunded to the parents after the room has been checked on the day of departure.
    • 2.6 The total annual fee will be rendered as follows:
      Fees Due Standard Room Large Room

       Extra Large Room

      Application Fee R200 R200 R200
      10% Non-Refundable deposit to secure the room R7 040 R7 480 R7 920
           50% On or before 25th January or befoer arrival whichever is the sooner  R35 200 R37 400  R39 600
      30% before 1st May R21 120 R22 440 R23 760
      10% before 1st August R7 040 R7 480 R7 920
      Room and access deposit
      Payable before arrival
      R600 R600 R600
      Total Amount R71 200 R75 600 R80 000
    • 2.8 Non-South African residents and SA Citizens domiciled outside South Africa are required to pay the full year's fees in advance.
    • 2.9 All bank charges must be covered by the applicant.
    • 2.10 No discounts or refunds will be granted should the student be absent for any length of time or choose to vacate before the term of the contract expires.
    • 2.11 Students will not be admitted to the residence until proof of payment has been provided.
     SATURDAY 7:45 - 8:15 12:00 17:30
     SUNDAY 8:30 - 9:00 12:00 17:30
     PUBLIC  HOLIDAYS 8:45 - 9:15 12:00 17:30
    • 3.1 The provision of late evening meals is a concession made to accommodate those who are working late and is subject to amendment or regulation by the Manager and her consultants should circumstances require it.
    • 3.2 Residents are asked to provide their own containers, clearly marked with their name, for their sandwiches and should they request a late supper. Crockery and cutlery are for use in the dining room only. They are therefore not to be removed. Special diets can unfortunately not be catered for. Vegetarians are catered for on request.
    • Residents are not permitted to cook meals in their bedrooms. There are microwaves provided on each floor for the use of the students.3.3

    Villa Maria aims to create a homely and family-like atmosphere where all can experience joy and friendship. To achieve this, consideration for one another is necessary. The following rules are meant to help us  achieve this goal and we appeal for your co-operation in this regard.

    The following is required from the Residents:
    • 4.1 On departure from the residence, rooms are to be vacated by 10.00 am and the keys returned to the Manager.
    • 4.2 Leave a forwarding address to enable us to forward all mail. Mail will be forwarded for three months after departure. Unfortunately any articles left behind will be disposed of.
    • 4.3 When taking occupation of a room, report within 24 hours anything that is not in working condition or is broken. Residents will be held responsible for any damage that is not reported.
    • 4.4 Report all breakages immediately. If through negligence any furniture, fittings or painted walls are damaged/broken or keys lost, Residents will be required to pay for the repair or replacement thereof.
    • 4.5 On account of the strong south-easterly wind,  fasten the windows securely and not  leave windows open when going out. Residents will be held accountable for any windows broken through their own negligence.
    • 4.6 All furniture, fittings and equipment should be treated with due care. Pin boards are supplied for pictures and posters. Drawing pins, glue, adhesive, Prestik etc, must not be used for fixing anything to the walls.
    • 4.7 Obtain permission from the Manager before any furniture is moved from room to room.
    • 4.8 Provide own bedding, towels and bath mats.
    • 4.9Visitors' names are to be signed in the visitors' book. In the event of a fire it is necessary to know who is in the residence.Male visitorsmay only be received in the Reception area. Only female visitors are allowed assess to the bedrooms.Visitors must vacate the residence by no later than 8pm on Sunday  - Thursday and 10pm on Friday and Saturday.
    • 4.10 For security reasons, keep keys in Manager's office during the holidays.
    • 4.11 Let the Manager know immediately when ill.
    • 4.12 In the interests of basic fire-prevention, do not leave and electrical appliance on while out of the room or sleeping.
    • 4.13 Play radios, CDS, TVS and musical instruments in their rooms only. These should not be audible in the corridors - keep them toned down appropriately. Failure to do so could result in confiscation for the period of residence.
    • 4.14 The house should be resonably quiet after 22h:30 Please ensure that no one is disturbed after this time, whether it is through loud talking and laughter, or bathing/showering or baging doors..
    • 4.15 For their safety, residents are required to indicate on the board provided wheather they are on the premises or not. If away for the night or weekend, an address and telephone number should be left so that the Resident can be contacted in case of an emergency. Students are requested to sign in and out, with the security guard on duty over week-ends, regardless wheter they will be out for only a short while for for the evening.
    • 4.16 Washing may only be done and hung up in the area allocated - not in bedrooms or bathrooms. After bathing/showering, towels are to be hung on the hooks provided and not on the wooden furniture.
    • 4.17 Keep their rooms tidy. It is expected that rooms be properly cleaned by the Resident at least once a week. Please let us know should cleaning materials be required.
    • 4.18 Ensure that the bath/shower is cleaned after use.
    • 4.19 Smoking is not permitted in the house. In consideration of your own health and that of others, please keep the atmosphere of the house fresh and pleasant. Neither the burning of incense nor of candles is allowed.
    • 4.20 Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on the premises (this includes the garden).
    • 4.21 You are required to dress decently at all times when in public areas of the house, this includes the dining room and when walking from you bedroom to the bathroom. Pyjamas, sleep wear, slippers, curlers and revelaing clothing are not permitted in the public areas. You are not allowed to enter the diningroom bare foot.
    • 4.22        Villa Maria Management may inspect the residents bedroom at any time ans will notify the Resident of the inspection prior to entry by the management. Room will be inspected a    
    •                minimum of once a semester.
    • 5.1 The residence is accessible 24/7 from 1 February – 30th November.
    • 5.2 Villa Maria has 24/7 CCTV protection. The building has an alarm with strategically placed panic buttons. Access to police, fire and other emergency services is therefore provided. Onus is placed on the individual to utilize this in the correct way. Any liabilities arising from the misuse of this will be the sole responsibility of the Resident concerned.
    • 5.3 Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate pets.
    • 5.4 Boiling water is available on each floor, as well as a fridge in which the residents can keep smaller items refrigerated. Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled and that your food is removed before it spoils. A microwave is also available on each floor.
    • 5.5 A washing machine is available for personal laundry. Tokens are obtainable for R20 per load. Facilities for hand washing and ironing are also provided. Residents use their own iron. The laundry is open every day of the week.
    • 5.6 The Manager shall in an emergency act as in loco parentis, with authority to decide on all medical matters affecting the well-being of the resident during her stay at Villa Maria.
    • 5.7 Villa Maria Female Student Accommodation is run by the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary and is subject to their authority at all times and in all instances.
    • 6.1 No responsibility is accepted by Villa Maria for injury, loss, damage or theft of any personal articles.
    • 6.2 Villa Maria cannot be held responsible for alternate accommodation in the event of the premises becoming untenantable for whatever reason.
    • 7.1 If attorneys are instructed to recover any amounts due, the Resident/Parent/ Guardian will be liable for all costs and collection charges.
    • 7.2 The Resident's/legal parent/guardian's signature confirms, she/they formally consent to the jurisdiction of the Cape Town Magistrates Court in the event of any dispute arising or in relation to any claim against the Resident under this contract.
    • 7.3 Any written notices sent to either of the Resident's stated addresses by prepaid post or handed to the Resident, shall be deemed to have been received by the resident on the second business day after posting or on the day of handing to the Resident, as the case may be.
    • 7.4 No amendment or consensual cancellation of the contract shall be of any effect or validity unless recorded in writing and signed by the Manager, Villa Maria, and the Resident/legal parent/guardian.
    • 7.5 Villa Maria is not bound by warranties, representations, promises, terms or conditions not stipulated herein.
    • 7.6 No indulgences or latitude by or failure of Villa Maria to enforce any of the terms of this contract shall affect its rights or stop it from enforcing them thereafter. The Rules and Regulations of Villa Maria, written or spoken, shall apply at all times.

    The Manager has the right to terminate without notice the board and lodging of any student who fails to abide by the terms agreed upon by signing the contract, a copy of which the applicant has been given and which forms part of the agreement. There will be no refund of boarding fees for the period already paid.




SIGNED AT _________________________ THIS ___________ DAY OF ______________________ 20____

_____________________________________           _____________________________________
                           WITNESSES                                                                APPLICANT

SIGNED AT _________________________ THIS ___________ DAY OF ______________________ 20____

_____________________________________           _____________________________________
                           WITNESSES                                                       PARENT/GUARDIAN








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